Does carbon facial tighten skin?

WHAT IS THE CARBON FACIAL? If you are looking for a skin resurfacing treatment to diminish imperfections, tighten pores and eliminate impurities on the face such as blackheads whilst simultaneously plumping and tightening the skin, the carbon facial treatment could be the answer.

What does a carbon facial do?

CLF (carbon laser facial) is a non-ablative laser skin treatment that uses the conductive qualities of carbon to quickly and painlessly exfoliate, cleanse, clear and tighten pores, brighten and even-out skin tone and activate a deeply rejuvenating skin reaction that produces skin that is smooth, plump and radiant!

How often should you have a carbon facial?

Three to five treatments over a period of 2 to 3 months with a booster treatment every six months is recommended for the best results. For a special event it is recommended that treatments be completed a week pre-event to allow for the regenerative benefits of the skin to emerge.

How long does carbon laser facial last?

It involves a multi-part process that usually takes approximately 30-45 minutes from start to finish. Patients are usually expected to undergo 3-5 treatments over a duration of 2-3 months with a booster carbon laser facial treatment every six months.

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Is carbon laser treatment good for skin?

The Carbon Peel Facial works to restore skin balance. It provides an even skin glow with perfect texture and complexion. What’s the strong point of the procedure is that as the treated skin regenerates, the appearance of uneven skin, dark or age spots and pigment are visibly dwindled and more uniform in texture.

How many sessions does a carbon laser take?

A course of four to five sessions, spaced one to four weeks apart, can give great results for improved collagen production, reduced oiliness and tighter, more radiant skin.

What is a carbon peel facial?

A carbon laser peel is a superficial treatment that helps with acne, enlarged pores, oily skin, and uneven skin tone. They’re sometimes called carbon laser facials. Despite the name, a carbon laser peel isn’t a traditional chemical peel. Instead, your doctor uses a carbon solution and lasers to create a peeling effect.

How much does a carbon facial cost?

How much does Carbon Laser Facial cost? The general price range of Carbon Laser Facial usually depends on your location and can range anywhere from $225 to $400 per treatment.

Can I put makeup after carbon laser?

Luckily, carbon peel laser treatments have no downtime! You won’t have to worry because you can wear makeup just a few hours after your treatment!

Can I wash my face after carbon laser?

See below for everything you need to know about caring for your skin after a carbon laser peel treatment. Acne Vulgaris, Blackheads, Enlarged pores and stimulation of Collagen production. Keep out of direct sunlight for 12 to 24 hours, wash face 2-3 times a day using gentle cleanser’s continuously.

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Are carbon lasers effective?

How effective is a laser carbon peel? Laser carbon peels are typically very effective for improving the look of oily skin and large pores. If you have severe acne or acne scarring, it may take several treatments before you see full results.

What is the benefit of carbon laser?

Carbon Laser Peel is suitable for men & women of all ages and assists people with pigmentation, acne, fine lines and wrinkles, dull or poor skin tone, large pores and helps to lessen the premature signs of aging.

Can you wear makeup after a carbon facial?

Though you may experience some slight redness, this will clear up within a few hours, and can be soothed with some ZO Skin care. We recommend keeping the skin clean and dry while it’s red, but once this has cleared up, makeup can be worn. Try to avoid oily makeup however, as this will clog your pores again.

What are the side effects of laser skin treatment?


  • Redness, swelling and itching. Treated skin may be itchy, swollen and red. …
  • Acne. …
  • Infection. …
  • Changes in skin color. …
  • Scarring. …
  • Turning of the eyelid (ectropion).

What is laser toning for face?

In laser toning or facial toning, laser stimulates collagen production. As a result reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Additionally, refreshed appearance, smoother skin texture, an even skin tone, and a decrease in pore size. It is also called laser skin toning or laser facial toning.

What is the carbon laser peel?

Carbon laser peel is a non invasive procedure for the face and claims to leave skin soft, firmer and smoother. It is also called carbon laser facial or china doll peel/facial or hollywood peel or charcoal laser Facial. It involves applying a layer of liquid carbon over the area, which penetrates deep into the pores.

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