How do you link in a peel paragraph?

How do you structure a peel?

PEEL writing follows four simple steps; Point, Evidence, Explain, and Link. The PEEL structure is used to make opinions and findings clear. Essays are pieces of persuasive writing and as such your goal is to convince the reader of your academic opinion.

How do you write a good peal paragraph?

Your point should be a clear introduction to the argument you are making in this paragraph; your example or evidence should be strong and relevant (ask yourself, have you chosen the best example?); your explanation should demonstrate why your evidence is important and how it conveys meaning, and your link should …

How do you write a link?

Write effective links

  1. Link names should be the same as the page name linked to.
  2. Don’t use the full name of a document or program as a link name.
  3. Be as explicit as you can. Too long is better than too short.
  4. Make the link meaningful. …
  5. Add a short description when needed to clarify the link.

What is link in Peel?

Link – This is a sentence that connects your paragraph with a wider argument, such as a complete essay. The linking sentence will often explain why you think the piece of evidence is important.

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What are some examples of linking words?

Five stars

Language function Prepositions/ prepositional phrases (come before noun phrases) Adverbs/Adverbial phrases (join two sentences)
Opposition despite, in spite of however
Contrast on the other hand
Addition furthermore, in addition, moreover
Example such as for example

What are linking words examples?

Linking Words and Examples

Whereas is used to show contrast. She always behaves compassionately everyone , whereas her mother is brutal entirely.
Even if means whether or not. It is used to emphasize that something will still be true if another thing happens. Even if you take a taxi, you’ll still miss your plane.

How do you link a sentence?

Another popular way of connecting sentences is through the use of punctuation marks—namely colons and semicolons. When using this method, it is important to keep in mind how the connecting sentences are related. For instance, colons should introduce a list, example, or explanation of the previous idea.

What does the L stand for in Peel?

What does PEEL stand for? P = Point: start your paragraph with a clear topic sentence that establishes what your paragraph is going to be about. … L = Link: to finish the paragraph off, you need to link the point you’ve just made back to your essay question, topic, or thesis.

How do you write a peel paragraph in psychology?

An each paragraph must follow PEEL – state the point being discussed, then cite evidence to back it up and finally explain how the evidence relates to the point i.e. conclude each paragraph(Link).

What does pee stand for?

PEE stands for : Point, Evidence, Explanation. Point is a specific argument that you want to make within a paragraph. Evidence is the information you provide that supports the argument, statement or claim that you have made. It could be a quote or a piece of technical data.

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What does Teel stand for?

TEEL stands for Topic sentence, Explanation, Evidence, and Link. You may find it helpful to add C for Comment before Link. A paragraph structured this way would contain the following: Topic sentence – the first sentence in a body paragraph that tells the reader what the main idea or claim of the paragraph will be.

What does petal stand for?

The acronym PETAL is made up of the words Point, Evidence, Technique, Analysis and Link. The idea behind this paragraph writing technique is simply that if you write a sentence for each of the words listed in the acronym, you will have composed a whole and effective paragraph.