How many moles of CaCl2 2H2O are present in 1 50 g?

What is the molar mass of CaCl2 2H2O?

Calcium dichloride dihydrate

PubChem CID 6093260
Molecular Formula CaCl2H4O2
Synonyms Calcium dichloride dihydrate Calcium(II) chloride dihydrate Calcium chloride (CaCl2), dihydrate (9CI) Sinjarite ACMC-1BSWL More…
Molecular Weight 147.01
Component Compounds CID 962 (Water) CID 313 (Hydrochloric acid) CID 5460341 (Calcium)

How many moles of CaCl2 are produced?

The balanced equation says … for every 2 moles of HCl you will get 1 mole of CaCl2, that means for 7 moles of HCl, you will get 3.5 moles of CaCl2.

How many moles are in 50 grams of h2o?

There are 3 moles of O in 50 g.

How do I calculate moles?

How to find moles?

  1. Measure the weight of your substance.
  2. Use a periodic table to find its atomic or molecular mass.
  3. Divide the weight by the atomic or molecular mass.
  4. Check your results with Omni Calculator.

What is the mass of 0.50 moles of CaCl2?

Ernest Z. The solution contains 0.50 mol or 55 g of CaCl2 . You know there are 2.0 mol of CaCl2 in 1 L of solution. (40.08 + 2 × 35.45) g=(40.08 + 70.90) g=110.98 g .

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How many moles of ions are in CaCl2?

In CaCl2, the chemical formula tells us that there are two moles of Cl1- in every mole of compound, and three moles of total ions (1 mole Ca2+, 2 moles Cl1-) in every mole of compound.

How many moles are in 5g of CaCl2?

Thus, there are 0.125 mole in 5 grams of calcium. Thus, 5 grams calcium constitute 0.125 mole of calcium. In the above case, mass of element is 5 grams and molar mass of element is 40g/mol.

What is CaCl2 * 2H2O?


How many grams of CaCl2 are formed?

The amount of CaCl2 formed will be = 113/100 x 20.55=23.22 g. (Because for every 100 g of CaCO3 , 113 g of CaCl2 is formed.

What mass of CaCl2 is produced?

Mass of 5 mol CaCl2 = 5 mol * 111 g/mol = 555 g CaCl2 produced.

How many moles of calcium chloride would be produced in the reaction of 17.5 moles of water were also produced?

So, considering the reaction of Ca(OH) with HCl, 17.5 moles of HO will be produced along with (17.5 / 2) = 8.75 moles of CaCl.