How much does it cost to get a mole map?

A Full Body MoleMap costs $399 – this is our most comprehensive service (includes skin-mapping over time) and is recommended for first-time patients and anyone considered medium to high risk. For returning patients, a Full Body Follow-up starts from $299 (this may vary depending on the unique nature of your skin).

Is a mole map free?

Free spot checks with your Full Body MoleMap.

At MoleMap, we offer FREE spot checks of up to three moles within 12 months of having a Full Body MoleMap or Full Body Follow-Up appointment.

Is mole mapping worthwhile?

Mole mapping isn’t necessary unless you are at high risk of melanoma. Talk to your doctor if you’re worried about skin cancer.

How do you get a mole mapped?

Visit your sk:n clinic and meet your medical practitioner for a mole map and a one to one consultation, they will: Conduct the mole map/skin cancer screening. A doctor will review the images and look at the moles more closely if required. A doctor will advise where necessary and answer any questions you may have.

How much is mole mapping UK?

How much does mole mapping cost? Full body mole mapping at the Harley Street Dermatology Practice costs £350. This includes a consultation with one of our highly experienced consultants and a copy of your mole map summary for your own reference.

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How much does a full body skin check cost?

While most think they only need to go if they are experiencing troubles with breakouts, the dermatologist provides full-body skin checkups to look for signs of skin cancer and other skin conditions. On average, a dermatologist visit will cost about $221 but will range depending on various factors.

How long does a mole map take?

A Full Body MoleMap takes up to an hour as it’s our most comprehensive service. A MoleMap Skin Check usually takes around 30 minutes, and you can expect a Full Body Follow-up to take around 45 minutes.

How often should you get mole mapping done?

So while it’s recommended that you get your skin checked by your doctor as part of your annual or six-monthly wellness check, it shouldn’t take the place of a full body skin check with skin cancer detection experts, every year. There’s a good reason we recommend having a MoleMap every year.

Who needs mole mapping?

Mole mapping is most useful in:

  • People at high risk of melanoma.
  • People with many (over 100) moles.
  • People with moles that are distinct from the underlying skin.

What can I expect from a mole map?

What to Expect. During the first session, a member of our skin care team will take up to 20 digital photos of your entire skin surface. Then the dermatologist will look for any suspicious moles that should be monitored more closely. A microscopic photograph is taken of these moles, which are then “mapped” to the photos …

Can you get mole mapping on the NHS?

Patients concerned about a mole should, therefore, seek advice from their GP and ask for referral to a Dermatologist if there is concern, all of which can be done ‘free’ on the NHS.

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Is mole mapping available on NHS?

A cancerous or pre-cancerous mole could possibly be detected even before you notice it yourself and a treatment plan put in place. Full mole checks are not generally available on the NHS, although your GP will always look at any mole that concerns you.

Can a pharmacist check a mole?

If you have concerns regarding a mole or lesion on your body, you should have this checked. You should either see your GP, or you can simply visit a local pharmacy delivering the mole scanning service in partnership with ScreenCancer. In the pharmacy you will be asked to complete a consent form with some personal data.