How many moles of sodium are in NaCl?

Sodium chloride, commonly known as salt, is an ionic compound with the chemical formula NaCl, representing a 1:1 ratio of sodium and chloride ions. So, we can say that the number of moles associated with 1.17g sodium chloride is 0.02moles.

How many moles are in NaCl?

One mol of NaCl (6.02 x1023 formulas) has a mass of 58.44 g.

How many sodium does NaCl have?

With molar masses of 22.99 and 35.45 g/mol respectively, 100 g of NaCl contains 39.34 g Na and 60.66 g Cl. Sodium chloride is the salt most responsible for the salinity of seawater and of the extracellular fluid of many multicellular organisms.

How many moles of NaCl are in sodium chloride?

1.2 M NaCl means that there are 1.2 moles of NaCl per 1 litre of solution. The first thing you will need is the formula weight of NaCl (which is 58.44 g/mol).

How do you find moles of sodium chloride?

To convert between grams and moles, you would use the substance’s molar mass. To go from grams to moles, divide the grams by the molar mass. 600 g58.443 g/mol = 10.27 mol of NaCl.

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How many moles of salt are in 13.8 of sodium chloride?

Na is 23.0g and Cl is 35.5g which you add together to get the molar mass of the two is 58.5g/mole. Take the 13.8g of NaCl and divide it by the 38.5g will give you the moles: 13.8g NaCl(1 mole/58,5g)=. 236 moles of NaCl.

Is NaCl a compound or mixture?

Salt is another compound. Its chemical formula is NaCl, which stands for sodium chloride.

What type of salt is NaCl?

salt (NaCl), sodium chloride, mineral substance of great importance to human and animal health, as well as to industry. The mineral form halite, or rock salt, is sometimes called common salt to distinguish it from a class of chemical compounds called salts. table.

Is NaCl a compound or element?

Chemically, table salt consists of two elements, sodium (Na) and chloride (Cl). Neither element occurs separately and free in nature, but are found bound together as the compound sodium chloride.

How many moles of sodium are there in 2.97 moles of the following compounds?

Two moles of sodium. So two into 2.97. Okay. 22.97 equal to 5.97 moles of sodium.

What is meant by a mole of sodium chloride?

One mole is used to describe the number of atoms that are required so that the weight of the sample is equal to the atomic weight in grams, i.e.: one mole of NaCl weights 58.45g. … The bag will often say 0.9% w/v, this means that for every one litre of water there is 9 g of NaCl dissolved in.

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What is the molar concentration of NaCl?

The molar concentration of NaCl in the solution is therefore. c(NaCl) = 11.6 g58 g/mol / 104.3 mL = 0.00192 mol/mL = 1.92 mol/L. Here, 58 g/mol is the molar mass of NaCl.

How many moles are in 32g of sodium?

The answer is 22.98977.

How much would 2 moles of sodium weigh?

2 moles (n) has been given to you. The next step is to find the molar mass (M) of Na. If you refer to your periodic table, the molar mass of Na (sodium) is 23.0 g/mol.