You asked: How do you use Predire peeling gel?

How to use: Hands must be completely clean and dry prior to application. Apply to clean, dry skin and gently massage onto the face in a circular motion for gently exfoliation; twice a week. Rinse clean with water and follow with any of our Predire moisturizers.

How do you use Predire products?

Apply eye care products with your ring finger. Gently tap all around the eye, beginning from the inner corner, working around the outside and underneath the eye. A wide range of targeted treatments is available if blemishes, fine lines, or eye bagginess or puffiness appear.

How do you use non surgical solution for Predire?

Spread a thin layer evenly over the desired area. Avoid eyes and lips. Stay motionless for 1-2 minutes while it dries and tightens. Once it has completely dried, cleanse your face with tepid water and dry.

How do you use Predire serum?

How to use: Gently apply 2-3 drops or as needed, onto clean face and neck. Massage with finger-tips in a circular motion until fully absorbed. Use daily- morning and night for smooth and radiant looking skin.

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How do you use Predire snail rejuvenating serum?

Directions: Apply serum nightly in a circular motion onto cleansed face and neck. Follow with Predire Snail Skin Cell Renewal Cream for best results. Store at room temperature.

How do you use Predire Moroccan liquid gold retinol?

Cleanse skin first. Apply a thin layer and allow to dry. Use in the evening and whenever your skin is feeling dehydrated.

How do you use the gold mask on Predire?

Carefully place mask on face; lining up eye, nose and mouth openings so that your entire face is covered. Relax for at least 30 minutes to allow time for your face to experience the full benefits of the mask. If desired, the mask may be left on for up to 12 hours for an even more intense result.

How do you use a Predire thermal mask?

Dispense a small amount to finger tips and massage gently onto face and neck in a circular motion. Apply light to moderate pressure. A warming sensation will be felt on your skin. Blend edges and wait 20 minutes before rinsing with tepid water.

Can I use snail mucin everyday?

Generally speaking, you can use snail mucin once or twice per day. WORKS WELL WITH: It’s often combined with antioxidants and retinol, as well as common skincare staples such as vitamin C, glycolic acid, and other moisturizing ingredients.

What does snail gel do for your face?

Snail slime is an amazing exfoliant that removes dead skin cells and stimulates cell renewal. Its exfoliating properties are attributed to the natural collagen, elastin and glycolic acid found in it. It evens out your complexion and diminishes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and scars.

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Does snail gel really work?

However, the evidence for snail slime’s effectiveness is not particularly compelling. One study found it could treat burns, while others have suggested it might reduce warts, but these were small-scale studies. … He has tried snail slime (in a gel). “It worked pretty well, actually.