Your question: What does the phrase eyes peeled mean?

If you tell someone to keep their eyes peeled for something, you are telling them to watch very carefully for it. [informal]

What kind of phrase is keep your eyes peeled?

Keep your eyes peeled is an admonishment to keep your eyes wide open, to pay attention to everything happening around you, to stay keen, to remain vigilant. Keep you eyes peeled is an American phrase.

Where did the phrase keep an eye out come from?

Be watchful for something or someone, as in Keep an eye out for the potholes in the road, or They told him to keep a sharp lookout for the police. The first expression, sometimes amplified to keep a sharp eye out for, dates from the late 1800s, the variant from the mid-1700s.

What does Feast your eyes mean idiom?

: to look at (something or someone) with great pleasure We feasted our eyes on the colors of the autumn landscape.

What does the phrase not short of thirty mean?

It means ‘not less than thirty’.

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What does the idiom Keep your fingers crossed mean?

To hope that nothing will happen to bring bad luck or to ruin one’s plans: “Helen will soon find out whether she got into law school; in the meantime, she is keeping her fingers crossed.”

What is the meaning of Flying Colors?

: complete success passed his exams with flying colors.

What does the idiom lend me your ear mean?

Pay attention, listen, as in “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears” (Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, 3:2). This idiom may be obsolescent. [ Late 1300s]

What is the meaning of the idiom not turn a hair?

Definition of not turn a hair

informal. : to remain calm even though something frightening or shocking has happened Most people would have been very nervous in that situation, but she never turned a hair.

What does dull as a dishwasher mean?

Definition of (as) dull as dishwater

US, informal. : very boring or dull The conversation was as dull as dishwater.

What does it mean eager beaver?

Definition of eager beaver

: a person who is extremely zealous about performing duties and volunteering for more.

What is the meaning of the idiom bad egg?

Definition of bad egg

: someone who does bad things He was dishonest, but he was the only bad egg in the group.